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Strategic Approach
The Right Message Your campaign message must be research driven. At The Campaign Network, we gather information from the campaign and work directly with your pollster to ensure accurate survey research. This research helps us find the right message to accomplish your goals. Whether identifying important wedge issues to increase margins or creating messages that activate and motivate your base, The Campaign Network understands message development.
...To the Right Voters Direct mail allows you to narrowcast your message. By carefully examining your polling, turnout, and targeting data, The Campaign Network establishes base voters and persuadable or swing voters. With this information, we create a mail plan that ensures that the right voters receive the right message. Whether itís the entire universe of likely voters or a narrow constituency moved by a specific message, The Campaign Network identifies the groups that will lead your campaign to victory.
...At the Right Time With direct mail, timing is everything. At The Campaign Network, we develop a schedule to determine exactly when each piece will be dropped. Then we track each piece of mail to assure timely delivery. From years of working with mail houses and the postal service, we know how to follow your mail from the post office to the mailbox. We will make sure that your mail reaches its audience on time and on budget.
...The Right Amount of Times Mail works in repetition. Message repetition is just as important in the mailbox as it is on television or radio. Persuasion mail faces a constant challenge in cutting through the increasing advertising clutter. To ensure that your campaign message gets through to your voters, we maximize the number of mailers without exceeding your budget.

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