The Campaign NetworkPassionate, committed, and serious about the art of political communication
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The American Association of Political Consultants honored The Campaign Network with more than 30 "Pollie" awards for excellence in political communications, including top awards for best Democratic Presidential mail.

In January 2008, the Boston office of The Campaign Network was lampooned by The Daily Show with John Stewart in their “Dirty Jobs: Campaign Edition” segment. Click here to view the video.

The Campaign Network is a minority owned and operated Democratic political consulting firm specializing in direct mail and online communications. Our communication and campaign specialists work with Democratic candidates, labor unions, and progressive political organizations throughout the United States. We are a team of experienced professionals with more than 75 years of combined experience. We know how to develop a plan, craft a message, move key constituencies, organize supporters, and execute a winning strategy.

We're passionate, committed, and serious about the art of political communication.

The Campaign Network was chosen to be part of the Democratic National Committee's mail consortium for John Kerry's presidential campaign. Among the nearly 100 pieces of mail submitted from the nation's top eight firms, The Campaign Network's mail tested highest among focus groups, including the #1 ranked piece. Our pieces were consistently cited for strong visuals and creative copy. The Campaign Network went on to create and deliver all the Kerry/Edwards 2004 and Democratic Coordinated Campaign mail in New Hampshire - the only state to go from Red to Blue in the 2004 presidential election.

We know how to win.
We are not from Washington DC We have nothing against Washington. In fact, we have a lot of friends there... we've helped elect many of them. We just believe that we are a better firm because we live and work outside the Beltway. After all, our challenge is to talk to people about what they want to think about least - politics. It's not about making people care; it's about reminding people why they care. It's about communicating a message in an instant. It’s about crafting language and images that awaken the mind... that recognize the readers' hopes, dreams and frustrations. The Campaign Network is proud to have been honored by our peers with more than 30 Pollie Awards for excellence in political communication.
We are not prima donnas We understand Democratic politics and campaigns: the tight timeframes, the problems and conflicts, the compromises that are sometimes necessary to make things work. We have fought some of the toughest battles for Democratic candidates and causes across the country. And we have succeeded in some of the most difficult situations and in some of the most challenging locations.
We relish the tough fights We're battle-tested. We've worked on campaigns as field directors, campaign managers and press secretaries. We know how persuasion mail works within a larger campaign context and how to communicate with the voters you are trying to reach.
We know what it takes to persuade voters and turn them out to vote We have years of experience identifying which constituencies are persuadable and which are not. We know how to use every conceivable medium to communicate a campaign's message, from social media to telephone and door-to-door direct voter contact, brochures and high impact direct mail to outdoor advertising and passer cards. We don't spend all our time only talking to the insiders at the top of the message pyramid ­ we know how to reach real voters. We know how to speak to them about the issues they care about. And we know how to get them to the polls.


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